Front driver angle of a couple driving in a red 2019 FIAT 124 Spider with the top down

Engines and Transmissions Available in the 2019 FIAT 124 Spider

2019 FIAT 124 Spider Engine Capabilities and Transmission Options

Performance vehicles rely on the powertrain to travel fast. That’s why the 2019 FIAT 124 Spider is equipped to give you a thrilling experience. Here, we will cover which engines and transmissions are available in the 2019 FIAT 124 Spider.

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124 Spider Engine Strength

No matter which trim you pick, the 2019 FIAT 124 Spider will have the 1.4L MultiAir® Turbo engine. This engine performs at 160 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. Since this engine is packed with power, you won’t be disappointed as you accelerate on the road.

Transmission Options for the 124 Spider

Depending on your style, choose between two different transmissions. The standard transmission is 6-speed manual with a short-throw shifter. If you keep this transmission, you can expect 35 mpg on the highway.

The second option is a 6-speed automatic transmission. Great for drivers who like the gears to shift in the background, the throttle responds quickly and gears shift smoothly. EPA estimates 26 highway mpg when you have the automatic transmission.

Close up of the manual transmission shift knob in the 2019 FIAT 124 SpiderManual Transmission

Close up of the automatic transmission gear shift in the 2019 FIAT 124 SpiderAutomatic Transmission

Suspension on the 2019 FIAT 124 Spider

In addition to the engine and transmission, the 2019 FIAT 124 Spider has an advanced suspension system to enhance your handling. A Bilstein® Performance Suspension is installed along with shock absorbers, stiff front and rear spring rates, and a rear stabilizer bar.

Let’s say you are looking that the FIAT 124 Spider Lusso and Classica. These two trims will feature a touring suspension for fantastic handling. Although different than the Bilstein® Performance Suspension, this suspension system is designed to provide great control.

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