Buying vs Leasing for College Students

College students, are you ready to go back to campus? While you still have some time before fall, wouldn’t it be nice to go back with a new car? Granted, the often limited resources of a college student may initially seem prohibitive. However, with financing and leasing both as viable options, it may not be as difficult as you think. The question is, which one is better for you. At FIAT of Winter Haven, serving the Lake Wales, FL area, we’d like to help you make that decision by presenting pros and cons for each.

Pros: When you lease you maintain the power of choice. Should your first choice not pan out the way you expected, switch it up. As the car is technically yours, you don’t bear all the responsibility should something beyond your control happen with it.

Cons: On the other hand, since it isn’t technically yours, there are far more restrictions placed on what you can do with it. Should you violate any of these restrictions you could be hit with fines that can really add up. That runs pretty counter to the conservation of limited resources.

Pros: Every payment you make is going towards making the car yours. So while you may be spending more or paying for a longer period, when it’s over, you come away with a car. When you’re done leasing, you only come away with less money. For an idea of what your financial contribution for ownership will look like, visit our FIAT finance center.

Cons: You will have to bear all of the responsibility for maintaining your car because it is your car and no one else’s. It is also a much larger commitment and a decision that will likely follow you for better or worse for years to come.

We here at FIAT of Winter Haven want you to know we are on your side, and our inventory of new FIAT cars for sale is at your disposal whichever you choose. Best of luck this fall!

Summer Car Care Tips for your Alfa Romeo Vehicle

In many regions of the country, winter is a real bear when it comes to car care. Thankfully, Alfa Romeo customers residing in Winter Haven, FL and Lakeland, FL don’t have to deal with the same cold, snowy weather facing our compatriots in North Dakota. Nevertheless, summer weather brings its own share of issues to be mindful of so that your Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio or Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is in tip-top shape during these very warm, sometimes very wet months.

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