Transmission Trouble Symptoms You Can’t Ignore

Cars typically have an automatic or manual transmission. For Winter Haven, FL drivers who drive a car with an automatic transmission, you need to think about what would happen if your transmission were to ever fail.

Here are a couple of transmission problems you should never ignore, brought to you by FIAT of Winter Haven.

Difficult Shifts

If you feel like your FIAT car is refusing to change gears as easily as it normally does, or the gear shifts aren’t happening smoothly, you may be having trouble with your transmission. You may also hear a noticeable “thud” or “clunk.” These noises should never be ignored, so don’t turn up your radio and pretend that you don’t hear them.

Slipping Transmission

A transmission slip may feel like you’re driving in a certain gear and then it suddenly changes for no apparent reason. Your engine may sound like it is whining. If this is happening, bring your vehicle into our FIAT service center immediately.

Delayed Engagement

If this sign occurs, you will experience a delay before your vehicle engages into drive and starts moving forward. When you shift out of park and into drive, there may be a long pause before the car starts to rev the engine.

Other Symptoms

Your transmission should never be leaking fluid as it is sealed. If you notice any fluid spots on your garage floor or driveway, lay down cardboard underneath the front and middle of your car to see if they are active leaks.

Another sign of a faulty transmission is if your transmission warning light is on.

If any of the aforementioned things are occurring, it is best for you to see an expert mechanic at FIAT of Winter Haven immediately!

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Get Your Heart Racing with the New 2017 FIAT Spider from FIAT of Winter Haven

FIAT of Winter Haven is proud to offer the latest 2017 FIAT vehicles to drivers throughout the Lakeland and Winter Haven, FL areas. One of our standout cars is the all-new 2017 FIAT Spider. With a 1.4-liter, six-speed manual transmission, this beauty is the perfect merge of form and function.

Named after FIAT’s classic 1966 through 1978 two-seat roadster, the 2017 FIAT Spider boasts a turbocharged engine, which improves both its performance and economy. Top amenities include a remote proximity keyless start, a Parkview Rear Backup camera, power windows, a tilt steering wheel, and one-touch window functionality.

Built in Hiroshima, Japan, the new FIAT Spider has a 90.9-inch wheelbase, which means some extra length in all of the front and rear overhangs. In the back, you’ll delight over the extra length yielding to a large trunk opening.

The Italian design elements lend a nod to the original FIAT Spider design and include elegant headlight cutouts, a muscular bulging hood, and unique kinks in the doors. It’s a sexy, sleek shape that is guaranteed to turn heads and get attention every time you pull up.

Assembled in Italy, the engine is bolstered by 22 psi of boost, and includes 184 lb-ft of torque and 160 horsepower. There’s an excellent surge of turbo boost and torque of about 2,000 rpm, giving you the adrenaline rush and power you crave.

Best of all, this baby is a convertible! Roll the top back and feel the wind in your hair!

If you’re interested in taking a test drive in the all-new 2017 FIAT Spider, contact FIAT of Winter Haven today! We look forward to speaking with you, and we offer amazing finance options for you to be able to easily afford the car of your dreams. Drive away in the 2017 FIAT Spider today!